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Predictions for 2023

Old Moore’s Almanac predicts that 2023 will bring about a significant reset of the global financial system. The time-honored publication also foresees an “Atlantic event” that will impact the west coast of Ireland in the coming year. While housing prices in the region are expected to continue to rise, the rate of increase will slow, and an asteroid will make an uncomfortably close approach to the earth.

In the realm of sports, the Almanac predicts that Limerick will emerge victorious in the Hurling championship, while Kerry will clinch the All-Ireland Football Final. However, the publication also warns of a “severe health warning” for former US President Donald Trump, and a global internet outage.

In terms of personal matters, Old Moore’s Almanac predicts that Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may experience “marriage and money problems,” and there will be a change in the Papacy on a global level.

With a storied history spanning 259 years, Old Moore’s Almanac is a respected publication, with some editions still available in the Long Room Library at Trinity College Dublin. The Almanac has made several prescient predictions over the years, including drone-based pizza deliveries, Kanye West’s mental health struggles, and an uprising in China.

As we look ahead to 2023, it appears that the year will be marked by a diverse array of potentially significant events.

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