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See what personality traits your child has.

“Remember….The Secrets are in the Stars…”

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Childs Birth Chart

Being a parent is a complex job that involves many different tasks. It can be helpful to study your child’s astrological chart to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, and potentials. By doing so, you can more effectively guide and support them in their development. This understanding can also help you develop greater patience, an important quality for raising children.

Many parents intuitively sense something about their child even before they are born, through dreams or visions. Each child comes into the world with their own unique birth chart and life plan, which some people believe are determined prior to birth. However, environmental factors, parenting decisions, education, and free will can also play a significant role in a child’s development.

As parents and educators, our challenge is to encourage our children to reach their full potential while also teaching them to recognize and correct negative behaviours that could cause problems later in life. By examining a child’s chart, we can identify potential problem areas and devise ways to turn them around. We can also nurture positive potentials and help them flourish.

It’s important to note that astrology is meant to confirm, not replace, our own inner guidance. While reading about your child’s chart, it’s important to focus on the positive rather than dwelling on negative patterns that can be changed. Trines and sextiles indicate harmonious energy, while squares and oppositions indicate challenges, blocks, and potential conflicts. These dynamic aspects can be where a child faces their greatest challenges but also where they can demonstrate their greatest strengths.

When studying a child’s chart, it’s not uncommon to come across contradictory information. Children, like all people, are complex and multifaceted. As parents, it’s important to help children work through any structural conflicts they may have and to seek out people with skills and qualities that complement their own.

Above all, it’s essential to approach astrology with kindness and respect. It should never be used to demean or criticize anyone. Instead, focus on identifying areas where the child may need extra help or guidance, and be patient and supportive as they work to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. By understanding our children better, we can also gain insights into ourselves and our own inner child.


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