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Horary Astrology determines a possible outcome of any past or Future event.

“Remember….The Secrets are in the Stars…”


Elective & Horary Charts

Electional astrology is a unique branch of astrology that offers a proactive approach to using astrological principles to achieve the best possible outcomes for future endeavors. While most people associate astrology with describing what already exists, or with predicting future events based on astrological conditions, electional astrology goes one step further. It involves constructing a favourable astrological chart ahead of time, to help achieve the desired outcome for a particular venture.

The foundation of electional astrology is the idea that everything that has a starting point, including a person, business, or event, has a “birth chart.” This chart is created by looking at the positions of the planets and stars at the moment when the venture begins. By analysing the positions of the celestial bodies in the chart, an astrologer can predict how the venture is likely to unfold in the future.

Electional astrology is most commonly used for important life events, such as weddings, business launches, or other significant milestones. For example, someone planning to get married might consult with an astrologer to determine the best date and time to hold the ceremony. The astrologer would examine the planetary positions to identify the most favourable time for the couple to exchange their vows. This could involve selecting a date and time that aligns with the couple’s astrological charts or identifying a day when the planets are in a beneficial position for a lasting and harmonious marriage.

Similarly, someone starting a business might use electional astrology to choose the best date and time for the business launch. By selecting an auspicious moment, the business owner can increase the likelihood of success and prosperity for the venture.

Even smaller decisions can benefit from the insights of electional astrology. For instance, someone applying for a job might consult an astrologer to determine the most favourable time to submit the application. The astrologer would look at the planetary positions to identify a time when the applicant’s chances of success are highest. The same principles could apply to other decisions, such as listing a home for sale or applying to attend a university.

Overall, electional astrology is a fascinating and unique way to use astrological principles to achieve positive outcomes for future ventures. By carefully selecting the right date and time, individuals can optimize their chances of success and achieve their goals with greater ease.


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