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Celtic Cross


To help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve your ultimate goal.

“Remember…The Secrets are in the Cards…”

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Celtic Cross Reading

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is the ultimate tool to help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve your ultimate goal. This powerful spread will uncover the current situation you are facing, as well as any mental or physical objects holding you back.

It delves deep into the subconscious influences that have a strong and powerful effect on your everyday life, especially in relation to the question at hand. But fear not, the fourth card reveals the resources you have at your disposal to overcome any obstacle in your path and reach your ultimate goal.

The fifth card provides insight into your past, both positive and negative. A negatively influenced past may prevent your success in the present, but a positive past can serve as inspiration to help you overcome any challenge.

The sixth card acts as a headlight, illuminating any negative energy in your path and providing guidance on how to prevent it from derailing your progress.

The seventh card represents your attitude and actions, giving you the opportunity to adjust your perspective and approach for a likable outcome. The eighth card speaks to the energy surrounding you, both positive and negative, and how it may be impacting your progress.

The ninth card is a revelation, shedding light on your desires and fears and offering valuable insights that should not be ignored.

And finally, the tenth card reveals the future that awaits you and whether the energies surrounding you are complementing or conflicting. With the Celtic Cross Tarot Reading, you have the power to face the future with confidence and clarity.



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