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Spiritual Guidance


For problems of a more Spiritual Nature.

“Remember….The Secrets are in the Cards…”


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Spiritual Reading

Are you struggling with spiritual challenges that you can’t seem to overcome? Look no further than our Spiritual Guidance spread! This powerful reading will help you tap into your inner wisdom and guide you towards a more fulfilling spiritual journey.

The spread consists of eight cards, each one providing deeper insight into different aspects of your spiritual life. The first card delves into your main concerns, uncovering underlying issues you may not have even realized were there.

The second card examines your motivation for seeking guidance and helps you connect with your spiritual purpose. The third card uncovers the insecurities and worries that may be holding you back from achieving true spiritual growth.

The fourth card sheds light on the aspects of your spiritual journey that you may not be aware of, providing valuable guidance for areas you may have overlooked. The fifth card offers actionable steps to help you face your fears and move towards a more enlightened path.

The sixth card shows you how to let go of your worries and embrace your spiritual journey with renewed vigor. The seventh card empowers you to deal with any spiritual challenges using the resources at your disposal.

Finally, the eighth card reminds you that your reaction to the reading will ultimately determine its outcome. Choose to focus on the positive and let our Spiritual Guidance spread set you on the path to a more fulfilling spiritual life!


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