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Love Reading

Here is a little you should know about the ‘love’ spread. This type of reading evaluates the relationships relevance, how strong and happy they are. Every relationship has its ups and downs and with this six-card spread you will be able to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner. The ‘love’ spread has its own 6 cards which represent the following:


  1. The first card signifies what you currently feel about your relationship, your approach, and your outlook.
  2. The second card represents your partners current emotions towards you, his attitude, and expectations about your relationship.
  3. The third card is a connection card. For example; common characteristics of both of you
  4. The fourth card indicates the strength of your relationship. 
  5. The fifth card shows the weaknesses in your relationship.
  6. This final card is your true love card. It interprets if the relationship is going to be successful or not.

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