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What does the Chinese Year of the Rabbit hold for you?

Before reading our predictions below, locate your year of birth and corresponding animal in the above gallery to find out what the Year of the Rabbit might signify for you.

In order to gain insight into what lies ahead in the Year of the Rabbit, it is recommended that individuals first locate their birth year and corresponding animal in the gallery above. For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, 2023 marks their “Ben Ming Nian,” or zodiac year, which is often believed to bring about greater instability and upheaval.

According to Chow, those born in the Year of the Rabbit should prepare for significant changes in their personal and professional lives, particularly in areas of health and relationships.

While this may be daunting, it is important to remain optimistic, as opportunities for growth may also arise.

To cultivate positivity, Rabbits are advised to attend happy gatherings and travel south, regardless of whether this involves local or international destinations.

For Dragons, the outlook for the upcoming year is largely positive. While health may be a concern for those born in the summer or autumn, no negative stars are expected to cause significant disruptions.

However, Chow cautions Dragons against making hasty decisions in the workplace and encourages them to remain open-minded and patient.

Romantically, Dragons may be in luck, and those seeking love should look for partners who favor metallic colors, such as gold or silver. Traveling west is also said to bring about greater fortune.

Individuals born in the Year of the Snake can expect a year of abundance and good news, thanks to the presence of both the travel star, Yi Ma Xing, and the fortune star, Cai Xing.

Chow advises Snakes to find balance in all aspects of their lives and take time to rest as needed. For those seeking love, traveling to the west or north and wearing blue or gold may prove fruitful.

Those born in the Year of the Horse are said to benefit from the presence of the Peach Blossom Star, which is likely to bring about new opportunities and beneficial relationships.

While Horses should remain focused on their professional goals, they should also take care to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their family. To maximize their luck, Horses can wear bright colours and travel south.

In the upcoming year, those born in the Year of the Goat will welcome Tai Sui, which generally brings positive influence on their luck. However, it may also result in exhaustion, thus self-care and rest are crucial.

Chow advises Goats to take time to get to know themselves better, stay humble and keep a low profile in their career, observe more, and wait for opportunities to present themselves at the right moment. On the relationship front, the year ahead is expected to be smooth and could lead to meeting new people and potential partners. Wearing a bit of gold and travelling to the west could add to their luck.

Monkeys are in for a harmonious year with Tai Sui. Those in the workplace will be admired by those around them.

However, Chow suggests playing it safe this year and to avoid reckless behaviour, especially for those who enjoy extreme sports. In terms of relationships, better communication can help them avoid arguments and drama. Yellow and beige are the color palette for Monkeys this year, and heading west could inspire travel plans, says Chow.

Roosters will clash with Tai Sui in the upcoming year, which may result in instability and changes. According to Chow, they should embrace the chaos and travel more to muster positive energy. Although they should be more aware of their vulnerability to conflicts this year, these changes will lead to a better future.

Wearing more yellow and brown and travelling to places in the west or north can ease the situation for Roosters, says Chow.

People born in the Year of the Dog are in union with Tai Sui, indicating a pleasant year with significant progress in career and finance. However, Chow reminds Dogs to be humble and listen to the advice of trusted friends, as this could greatly benefit them.

Their lucky colors are silver and blue, and their lucky place is to the north, adds Chow.

Pigs will be greeted by Tai Sui, indicating a generally positive year. However, their health may be affected by the extra workload. Chow advises Pigs to balance their work and playtime equally and focus on teamwork for professional success.

The year ahead is expected to be good for Pig’s relationships, with opportunities to meet new friends and potential partners. Wearing pink and purple more often and planning a trip to the south could enhance their fortune, says Chow.

Those born in the year of the Rat will face conflicts with Tai Sui, known as Xing (torturing) Tai Sui, in the coming year.

While it will be a tougher year, Chow reminds them that it’s never all bad.

They should be cautious about health and work as they may be prone to minor injuries and miscommunication.

Chow suggests that wearing cheerful colors like pink and orange and visiting warmer places could help.

Oxen will have an exciting year with the travel star and fortune star shining over them.

New opportunities will arise, and their finances will reach new heights. But they should also take care of their health since they will be traveling and working more.

Single Oxen may have some luck in love this year, and when traveling, the geomancer advises journeying to the north.

For those born in Tiger years, their “Ben Ming Nian” is over.

This means things will get better soon, but patience is key as changes won’t be immediate.

Chow suggests taking time to recover in the first half of the year and only making big decisions in the second half.

Tigers should also take things slowly in relationships and “save themselves some me-time.”

To cheer up, they could wear yellow, blue, and brown and travel to their north and west, advises Chow.

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